Our Mission

Bridging Independent Living Together, Inc. works to enrich the lives of people with disabilities through compassionate support. Our team is committed to bridging the gap of care to enhance individuals' independence, maximize their capabilities, and provide meaningful community inclusion by assisting and supporting their choices with regard to housing, socialization, learning, employment opportunities and recreational activities.

Our Values

  • Foster a workplace environment which promotes growth, recognition, respect, gender equality, and unity.
  • Develop a workplace in which people of all backgrounds can advance, learn, receive support, and openly communicate respectfully.
  • Maintain a high quality of service by ensuring care is provided by trained human service professionals.
  • To provide high quality and innovative opportunities to enrich the personal development of individuals we serve.
  • Create working relationships with local community establishments, fellow human service companies , politicians, and families, always while holding the individuals best interests at the heart of the matter.
  • To create comprehensive and innovative support services for the individuals served.